Pickling around the World…

Chefs, food writers and restaurants all over the world are embracing a pickling phenomenon. Some of the most fashionable establishments in London, New York, Portland and Sydney have been going pickle-potty for a while now and it looks like many others are following suit. Le Parfait has made a list of their favourite pickling destinations from around the world. Have a look…

le parfait 5 small


Rita’s, a pop-up which proved so popular, it became a permanent fixture on London’s dining scene really like to pickle. Two dishes which include pickles are the steak, eggs and kimchi, a filling brunch time treat or tuna, radish, blood orange, pickled cucumber and seaweed tograshi which began a stint on the dinner menu a few weeks ago.

Persepolis is the Peckham- Persian cornershop run by Sally Butcher and her Iranian husband. The shop has become something of a South London institution and now has a series of books to their name. Pickling recipes recommended by Sally include Khiar Shor (crunchy baby cucumbers bottled with dill or tarragon, chilli and garlic) and Persepolis Special Torshi.

To find out more about pickling in New York, Sydney and Portland, click here to read. The classy Le Parfait jars can be bought online by clicking here.


Le Parfait - Pickling Collage


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