Bastille Day in Breton …tops

Yesterday morning, it was not by chance that everyone in the Spoon PR office showed up to work in blue and white stripes.  We had been preparing to put on our French hats (literally, thanks to Sarah’s mass purchase of black berets) ever since news landed of Brasserie Zédel’s very hospitable Bastille Day promotion in their e-mail newsletter last week.  The landmark French brasserie, which lures diners from the streets of Soho into a wonderfully grand subterranean dining hall, made a very generous deal with its loyal clientele: for one night only wear a Breton top and beret and enjoy a three course dinner with a glass of wine… for free.

Zedel 3    zedel 5    zedel 4

Having spent the day feeling like French fish out of water in our Breton shirts surrounded by more conventionally-attired office workers, the moment we arrived at Brasserie Zédel yesterday evening we knew we had finally found our calling. Stripes, berets, neck scarves, and moustaches in abundance, it was clear that we were not the only ones to have been enticed by this very appealing invitation.  Downstairs, the restaurant was alive with red, white and blue, and even the evocative nostalgic strains of an accordion could just be made out over the buzz of diners delighting at their good fortune to be sharing the Bastille day celebrations as the guests of Zédel over delicious and as-authentic-as-it-gets Parisian brasserie fare.

zedel 9    Zedel 10

Our dinner was selected from the formule menu, offering a fixed starter and dessert, and a choice of main course.  What particularly struck Sarah, and I think the rest of us too, was how appealing yet incredibly easy the promotion was: Zédel knew, with a quiet confidence, that it would stir up great enthusiasm among London’s diners, and emerge as a very popular if not favourite dinner destination that would spring to mind when, in future, we wrack our brains for a memorable and enjoyable dining experience.  No doubt, we will be back.  Thank you, Brasserie Zédel, and bonne Fête Nationale!
Marina Hopkins

zedel 8    zedel 7    zedel 6

Formule menu (normally £19.75):

Céleri Rémoulade
Bœuf Bourguignon        ou        Maquereau Grillé
Ile Flottante
Verre de Vin Maison Eau, Café


Brasserie Zédel: 20 Sherwood Street, London W1
Tel: 020 7734 4888

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