JUNI, New York celebrates tomato season with a special TOMATO TASTING MENU

From tomorrow, Chef Shaun Hergatt’s JUNI will be celebrating tomatoes with a special Tomato Tasting Menu.

From oven dried tomato carpaccio to tomato verbena sorbet, guests can explore a tasting menu conceptually rooted in the fresh flavours of heirloom tomatoes. The six-course menu ($65) shows off a great variety of tomatoes sourced from Union Square Market and from farms dotted around New York State.

Highlights include an east coast halibut- union square market currant tomatoes, that is paired with a tomato confit and a yellow tomato sauce split with tomato oil, then garnished with chick weed, micro basil and bloomed basil seeds and seasoned with citrus oil. An heirloom tomato soup – tomato gelee contains many different levels of intense flavour resulting in a super-chilled soup of condensed tomatoes.  Made from baby tomatoes, the soup is topped with basil seeds and cucumber blossom.

“As a child they were one of the first things that I planted- my grandmother called them ‘life’s little gifts of gold.’ To witness something ripening in the sun and growing at such a rapid rate, then being able to pop it into your mouth straight after picking is such a joy.” says Chef Hergatt recounting the memories that inspired him to create the menu. 

Oven dried tomato carpaccio, freeze-dried goats cheese © Shaun Hergatt

Oven dried tomato carpaccio, freeze-dried goats cheese © Shaun Hergatt


The set Tomato Tasting menu will be available from tomorrow (07 August 14) during lunch and dinner and will run until mid-September.

To learn more about JUNI, click here.

08.6.14 lunch tomato tasting copy

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