Originality and Idea Theft in the Kitchen

Taken from Mad Feed

Taken from Mad Feed

On September 7, Sweden’s Niklas Ekstedt will be joining the MAD panel to discuss “Originality and Idea Theft in the Kitchen” at the Food Festival in Århus, Denmark.

At the age of 21, he opened his first restaurant in the south of Sweden. A few years have past since then and Stockholm is his base now with Michelin-starred ‘Ekstedt’ his restaurant home. Niklas Ekstedt has gained worldwide recognition for his back-to-basics approach, relying on burning wood as the only heat source in the kitchen rather than modern day gas and electricity. Besides counting his experience in the kitchens of Charlie Trotter, Ferran Adrià, and Heston Blumenthal amongst his credentials, Ekstedt is also a well-known TV-chef and has published four cookbooks.

Taking place in the second-biggest city in Denmark, the discussion at the largest Nordic Food Festival will be based on the topic: “Originality and Idea Theft in the Kitchen”. As MAD explains on its website, “The intimate panel discussion will explore some of the most compelling questions in professional kitchens today: What is the difference between copying someone and being inspired by them? Do chefs even care if someone takes their work and tries to pass it off as an original creation? Is it even possible to give proper attribution in a restaurant setting? And what responsibility, if any, do journalists have to pick up on their appropriations?”

Providing professional insight on food culture and what goes on behind closed kitchen doors, other panelists include chefs Christian Puglisi, Isaac McHale and Gabriela Camara. The discussion will be moderated by British food writer and free thinker Joe Warwick.

Entry to the discussion is free for festival ticket-holders, but click here to secure a place.  Running from 5th-7th September, 2014 will mark The Food Festival’s third year in a row. An event for children and adults alike, 160 brewers, farmers, food companies and other food producers will be setting up stands and chefs, foreign as well as local, will be sharing their culinary skills, giving festival-goers will get the chance to taste a variety of delicacies and bring home the dining experience. To purchase a Food Festival ticket, click here to visit the official site. Three-day passes are 150 DKK, while single day entry is 75 DKK.

Taken from © Ekstedt

Taken from © Ekstedt

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