JUNI: the Michelin inspector’s view

Juni 2015 Michelin Guide

October 2014

This elegant hideaway at the recently renovated Hotel Chandler is Chef Shaun Hergatt’s current home—and one of midtown’s newest shining stars. Arrive with time to enjoy a cocktail at the bar, where patrons are treated to smoked almonds and a real-time, high-definition view of the kitchen plying its craft. Then make your way to the dining room, where a dark-suited brigade settles diners into a muted scene accented with gold leaf, hammered silver, and photos of fresh produce. A polished slab sits atop each place setting and serves as a stage for Juni’s signature elevated cooking. A procession of jewel-like canapés starts the show—think carrot paper dotted with goat cheese—and whets the appetite for Chef Hergatt’s creative cuisine. The foie gras, inspired by the Australian candy bar, Cherry Ripe, is encased in cherry gelée and plated with crispy bits of bitter chocolate. Vividly hued Atlantic salmon is composed with lemon yogurt and spicy granola; and roasted New York state squab bears a crisped skin, lovage chiffonade, and rose petal-infused jus. Perhaps surprisingly, avocado makes a divine dessert when transformed into ice cream and adorned with pineapple ‘raisins’ and juiced fresh mint.”

For more information on Shaun Hergatt and Juni read here and for more information on the Michelin announcement look here.

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