Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef

MB Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef flat cover SM

Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef is a tribute to Massimo Bottura’s 25 year career and the evolution of his three Michelin starred restaurant Osteria Francescana. Divided into four chapters, each focusing on a different period, the book is unusual in that it is made up of short essays which explain the inspirations, ingredients and techniques of each dish with recipes placed at the back. Russ Parsons, reviewing for the LA Times called these  ‘fascinating windows into the workings of one of cooking’s most creative minds.’

Parsons also describes how Bottura ‘plays jokes on traditional dishes, but they’re the kinds of jokes that can only be played by someone who understands and deeply loves the subject he’s ribbing.’  Read the entire review here.

Bottura explains the book in more details in the short video below.

Publisher, Phaidon Press, has created a website series, focusing on the ingredients which make Massimo Bottura including his love for music, his passion for art, his family and his country.

Bottura is currently in the midst of a tour to promote the book, more details of the US part of the tour can be found on the Phaidon website. Next he will present his Italian version before continuing on to the UK, The Netherlands and Australia, details of these tours will follow over the coming weeks.

You can buy your copy of Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef here.

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