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This November, Lucy Boyd and Damian Clisby of Petersham Nurseries Café have invited James Golding, Chef Director of THE PIG, to co-host a special Supper Club.

This dinner is one of only a handful of evenings held throughout the year where guests are able to enjoy Petersham Nurseries at night – normally only open for lunch. Guests will be invited to settle at antique tables adorned with freshly cut stems for a collaborative ‘Petersham & THE PIG’ menu with dishes displaying the exceptional produce and cooking for which both restaurants are renowned.

THE PIG is an industry leader in the “Plot to Plate” philosophy. Showcasing three magnificent walled kitchen gardens, as well as operating a 25 mile menu, it was recently awarded the UK’s most sustainable restaurant by The SRA for the second time in 3 years.

Lara Boglione, Petersham Nurseries’ Managing Director; “We are proud to be working with such a likeminded brand and delighted to be collaborating with a chef who shares our ethos in celebrating and promoting dishes inspired by exceptional, seasonal and local ingredients in what we consider to be the most exciting time for food   – autumn.”



Petersham Clementine Bellini or THE PIG`S Forest Sloe Gin & Tonic


THE PIG`S Charcuterie & Garden Pickles

Saddleback Scratchings & Crab Apple Sauce



 Bagna Cauda with Winter Vegetables



White Alba Truffle & Petersham Prosecco Risotto



Roast Suckling Pig cooked over Olive Wood with Myrtle & Bay, Grilled Tardivo & Rowanberry Jelly


Solent Hake with Pickled Rock Samphire, Ruby Chard & Dorset Cockles


Smoked Marigold Petal Polenta

Castelfranco, Fennel, Orange & Viola Salad



Amalfi Lemon Panna Cotta


Seasonal Cheese with Quince Jelly



Foraged & Fruit Cage Piggy Fours

Reservations for the dinner, priced at £85, can be made by contacting or by calling  020 8940 5230

More about Petersham Nurseries

The successful ripening of Petersham Nurseries business can be attributed to the ideas and determination of Lara Boglione. Since 2011 Lara has been the driving force behind the development of the Nurseries. Her passion lies in sustainability, gastronomy, agriculture and education, an ethos that is spread across all business functions. Lara explains:

“We hope to have created a place of calm, away from the bustle of London, somewhere that respects and is in tune with nature and positive living”.

Following on from the 10th anniversary celebrations this year, the Boglione family, owners and creators of Petersham Nurseries, have recently secured the talents of a new head chef, Damian Clisby. Previously head chef at HIX Soho and Cotswold House,  Damian works alongside culinary director, Lucy Boyd, gardener, food writer and cook, who has worked at the Nurseries for most of the last decade. Lucy’s exceptional produce knowledge, culinary background and lifelong affection for Italian flavours combine perfectly with Damian`s technical skills and shared passion for ingredients. Collaborating on a daily basis with Lucy, Damian’s team is acutely responsive to what they find growing in the garden.

Information about Petersham Nurseries’ bumper calendar of events can be found at


More about The Pig

Previously of Soho House NY, Caprice Holdings & The Savoy, James showcases the best produce on offer from the New Forest, Dorset & Somerset borders. James is responsible for upholding THE PIG’S contemporary British style and homegrown self-sufficiency ethos


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