Le Parfait are going on tour- French Guy Cooking live at UK cookery schools!


Le Parfait are taking to the road with FoodTube star Alexis Gabriel, better known as French Guy Cooking, to teach the British public how to heat-preserve food like the French.

Fresh from his well-received appearance at Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival, Alexis’s trademark quirky style is sure to both entertain and enlighten cookery students as to how they can heat preserve successfully.

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Le Parfait want to show people that preserving food in glass jars reduces waste and encourages a clean eating lifestyle. It means home cooks do not have to rely on microwave meals if they are in a rush or are too tired to cook because they have home-cooked food preserved and ready in the cupboard.

Students will heat-preserve a full meal in Le Parfait jars, starting with a pumpkin soup, moving onto a chicken main course and finishing with a cake. All dishes last up to a year in the cupboard after successful heat-preservation. These classes are set to be out of the ordinary, with Alexis bounding from the screen to the classroom and the focus well and truly on fun.

All the tour dates are posted below:

Angela Gray’s Cookery School, Wednesday 5th November 1pm-4pm

The tour starts in Wales with a lesson at Angela Gray’s beautiful cookery school in Vale of Glamorgan (a 15 minute drive from Cardiff).



Made in Hackney, Tuesday 11th November 2pm-5pm

Next up, it will visit Made in Hackney, a community vegan cookery school, in East London who support charity projects in the local area by teaching basic cooking skills. Le Parfait has been working with the school since 2013 by supporting their community Harvest to Jar classes.



Daylesford Farm, Wednesday 12th November 1pm to 4pm

The third date is at the iconic Daylesford Organic Farm in Gloucestershire.



Hartingtons of Bakewell, Friday 28th November 11am- 3pm 

Then, for the final class, we make the journey over to Derbyshire for a class in the picturesque Peak District at Hartingtons of Bakewell.


More about French Guy Cooking:

Alexis Gabriel Ainouz is better known these days as French Guy Cooking. He first stepped into the limelight in 2013 when he was a finalist of a competition run by Jamie Oliver to find a You Tube cooking star. His recipe for 30 Minute Paris Bangkok Stew grabbed the attention of the judges because of the interesting fusion between two types of cuisine and his super slick production. Since then he has appeared in a pancake video with Jamie Oliver and his YouTube following has gone from strength to strength. He’s a bona fide member of the FoodTube gang and making online recipe videos has become a full-time job. Alexis will be bouncing into UK cookery school classrooms fresh from his appearance on stage at Jamie Oliver’s The Big Feastival.

Earlier in the year, Alexis’s particular interest in preserving propelled him to contact Le Parfait, the French maker of beautiful preserving jars. With a little assistance from Le Parfait, Alexis produced a series of videos on the topic of preserving. Amongst these have been two recipe videos, a Persian Spicy Carrot and Sweet Cardamom Jam and a French Rainbow Ratatouille. A third video explaining the steps of heat preservation in true Alexis style was also released.

Alexis grew up in Paris, where he still lives but his YouTube channel is entirely English speaking, because he feels it allows him to connect with a larger audience. The 31-year-old is a passionate home cook with no formal training in the kitchen. Word is that he is now working on a cookbook and has dreams of one day opening his own restaurant.


More about Le Parfait:

Le Parfait: very well preserved for its age

80 years ago, Le Parfait’s home town of Reims bubbled with ideas for preserving the flavour of fresh food, from fruit and vegetables to meat and fish. The result was the creation of the Le Parfait jar with its now famous orange rubber seal. Over many years, the company built up its reputation for quality and gained legendary status with French families who sought not only to preserve their abundant supplies but complete meals too. Today Le Parfait is synonymous with freshness and flavour.

Le Parfait 36 copy

Made in France

Designed and made in France to the exacting standards demanded by the French gastronome, these strong, recyclable, heat-resistant glass jars allow perfect air tightness, long-term preservation and clearly bear the famous logo – be it stamped into the lid or moulded onto the jar.

www.leparfait.com for information and recipes, www.leparfait.co.uk to buy

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