Skinny Italian Chef, Massimo Bottura, hits UK and US TV screens

The last few months have seen Chef Massimo Bottura appearing on a number of shows as part of his international book tour for Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef – his first book written in English and now translated into Italian and Dutch (Spanish and French versions will follow in 2015)

In October this year, Bottura appeared on one of the most popular late-night TV shows in the US: Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jimmy Kimmel and his sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez, along with guest Billy Crudup were served three dishes from Bottura’s book, Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef, during a hilarious and energetic segment.

Here are some stills from the programme, showing Bottura demonstrating “Memory of a Bologna Sandwich”, serving up 2 of his other dishes “The Crunchy Part of the Lasagna” and “Oops I dropped the Lemon tart” and talking about his book and the excitement around all his upcoming activities in the United States.

To watch the show, click here.


Massimo also visited the studio of Charlie Rose to have a conversation about the book and to explain his approach to cooking, why he aspires to change the reputation of a ‘skinny chef’, and how his grandmother, Alain Ducasse, and Ferran Adrià play an equal part in his culinary inventiveness.

To watch the conversation, click here.


Following the great success of the US part of the book tour, Massimo landed in the UK for a 4-day-schedule which included a collaboration with Shake Shack, lunch and dinner at The Connaught, cooking demo and book signing at Harrods, interview on Bloomberg TV and Saturday Kitchen on BBC One.

Joining presenter James Martin, Chef Atul Kochhar and broadcaster Sir Terry Wogan on 8th November, Massimo demonstrated one of his signature dishes from Osteria Francescana – “Oops I dropped the lemon tart”.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 14.51.03

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 13.33.50


For his latest interview on Bloomberg TV, click here. Follow this link for the second part.


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