Homemade Fresh Pasta Workshop with Chef Damian Clisby of Petersham Nurseries

Winter 2014 sees the launch of a series of cookery workshops and demonstrations hosted by Head Chef Damian Clisby and the kitchen team at Petersham Nurseries. Such was the Italian pasta making workshop that happened on Wednesday.


Following Chef Clisby’s entertaining instructions and gentle guidance, the guests who attended the class leant how to make an egg free semolina dough, fresh egg pasta dough and how to create various different shapes. We all got our hands happily ‘dirty’.

As one of the participants described it in a note to the chef:

“What inspirational hours flew by. I never had the courage to make pasta ….. with your clear instruction Damian, I might have a chance. I loved the relaxed way you introduced ideas and it was fun.”



For more information about upcoming events and workshops, click here.

Each workshop will take place within the beautiful, heated glasshouse restaurant and will be followed by a delicious two course set lunch (which in some cases attendees will have helped to prepare!).

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