The Le Parfait Cookery School Tour


We’ve spent the last few weeks visiting some of the top cookery schools in the country with maker of beautiful French preserving jars, Le Parfait and Alexis Gabriel, better known as French Guy Cooking.

Le Parfait wanted to visit cookery schools to meet the British public and introduce them to the wonders of the French art of heat preserving. If done correctly, heat preserving means that your food will last up to one year in a glass jar in the cupboard. This goes for anything including fruits, vegetables, meats and fish…even cake can last that long provided you have the willpower, I know I don’t!

While Alexis created some interesting recipes designed to show our students how its done, we got in touch with some of the country’s many cookery schools. Some were confused. Chicken? Cake? In the cupboard for a year? Surely not! Others however, thought it sounded just as interesting as we did and were sold by Alexis’s fun, quirky presenting style. They signed up and the planning began.

We were lucky enough to get the team at Tefal on board, who were able to let us borrow 12 of their Jamie Oliver pressure cookers. If you’re looking for a pressure cooker, this is definitely the one Le Parfait recommends.

After weeks of organising we arrived at the beautiful Angela Gray’s Cookery School in Cardiff one Wednesday morning for our very first class. Alexis had a lot to cram into three hours; a pumpkin soup, a chicken fricasse and a chocolate and orange cake. A few hours later, class over, we were all exhausted and had plenty of ideas of how to make the next classes more relaxed.

MIH Collage

A week later we met at community cookery school, Made in Hackney in East London for a vegan preserving class. This meant Alexis had to give his recipes a little makeover. He rose to the challenge and we had a great afternoon preserving. Filled with positivity from the wonderful comments Le Parfait and Alexis received, we were full of excitement for the next day at the iconic Daylesford Farm.

After a couple of broken down trains and an anxious wait at a cold train station later we arrived at Daylesford in the nick of time. The team couldn’t have been better prepared and we were all immediately put at ease. The class was another resounding success and I’m sure we gained some preserving converts.  As we headed back to London, for Le Parfait and Alexis to catch the Eurostar, we all felt like our mission was complete!

Daylesford Collage

Thank you to all of our wonderful cookery schools and to everyone who attended the classes.

We were accompanied by a film crew for some dates on the tour and will be sharing the finished footage on here once it is ready so watch this space!

If you fancy having a shot at preserving yourself at home, see Le Parfait’s website for tips and recipes.

If you know of a school who might be interested in working with Le Parfait in the future, do let us know.

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