Massimo Bottura’s Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef makes the NYT’s 2014 Best Cookbook List

Featured image

Featured image

In Sunday’s New York Times, author 

In Max’s words….

“Of course, every season comes with a bevy of new art books attached to chefs. They are, without exception, beautiful, and the food is exceptional too — and yet they still blur together. Another restaurant, another chef, some more food polished to the nth degree. But some of them do stand out. The photos of record albums, paintings and even fish in Massimo Bottura’s NEVER TRUST A SKINNY ITALIAN CHEF (Phaidon, $59.95) demonstrate that food has indeed morphed into an element of high culture. The recipes are preceded by essays, always with a wink (“Guinea Fowl, Not Roasted”). Only the bravest will stand at the cutting board with this book, but I might have the courage to make the striking dish of black katsuobushi broth and cod cooked on charcoal until the fish’s skin is also black.” 

Read the entire list in the New York Times here.

Massimo Bottura’s Never Trust A Skinny Italian Chef is available to buy from Amazon and all good book shops.

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