Where a love for nature reaches the point of OBSESSION : New York`s Chef Shaun Hergatt comes to the UK in February 2015

Before we are lost to the Christmas holidays, we would like to announce that the Michelin starred chef Shaun Hergatt of JUNI, New York, is being flown over to the UK on the 5th February 2015 to prepare a 5-course, wine-matched signature menu at Northcote Manor’s 15th Anniversary OBSESSION Festival.


Chef Shaun Hergatt

“The impossibly talented chef…has a deceptively simple clarity of presentation and lightness of bearing, reminiscent of Thomas Keller’s.”   Steve Cuozzo, NY Post

“This is a civilized restaurant, no high noise level, no crashing music, no hipster waiters in black t-shirts. Juni is proof that fine dining has not faded at all in NYC, an idea that restaurateurs around the country should take note of.”   John Mariani, US Esquire

screen shot 2014-12-15 at 12.27.54

roe – atlantic salmon – lemon yogurt cotta

Juni, which was awarded its first Michelin star in October 2014 and currently stands at #1 in Tripadvisor’s ranking of New York restaurants, sits discretely in the shadows of Empire State Building and skyscrapers of midtown, a jewellery box filled with nature’s finest gifts. In this elegant space is found a restaurant where each element, from the overall design to the cocktails, focuses on emphasizing nature at its best.

Loosely translating to “the heart of the season,” the boutique restaurant, which opened in August 2013 and is set within Manhattan`s Hotel Chandler, offers menus that are highly responsive to the many micro-seasons within a year. Chef Hergatt, who obtained 2 Michelin stars for his previous restaurant SHO, champions only the ripest of produce at Juni, so ingredients may only feature for a few weeks and then are retired for the year.

small juni - mountain huckleberries - squab - licorice © shaun hergatt

Mountain huckleberries – squab – licorice

At Juni, Chef Hergatt creates lifetime memories for guests with a highly technical yet deeply personal fine dining experience. His vibrant dishes relay the beauty of nature and recall the Chef`s childhood in rural Queensland, Australia.
Shaun is not the only Australian fine-dining chef taking part at this year’s Obsession festival- Brett Graham of The Ledbury will also be appearing. Quite fittingly, both of these events will be held in the week following Australia Day , which is on January 26th 2015.
One of Shaun’s trademark dishes at Juni is his reimagining of Australia’s favourite chocolate bar – Cherry Ripe.   This homage is made using chocolate, coconut and cherries (as with the chocolate bar) but adds a very grown-up ingredient- foie gras. Shaun discusses the inspiration behind his Cherry Ripe in a video here 

Shaun has many clever ideas up his sleeve of how he will be staying true to his nature-inspired, ‘ripe’ food philosophy when he visits in the heart of the UK’s hungry months . Still working on his menu, it will undoubtedly incorporate local game and a selection of pickles, preserves and powders, which he made in-season in New York and will be bringing over to the UK. These are Shaun’s hungry months reimagined with excitement on the palate and an extraordinary eye.

For more information on Juni…. http://www.juninyc.com

For more information on Obsession Festival….. http://www.northcote.com/obsession-2015

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