Happy Australia day from SpoonHQ and Juni New York!


We would like to wish all our Antipodean followers a very happy Australia Day today and hope that on this gloomy January day in London, our talk of Australian food and the sunshine will be uplifting for anyone commuting home from work this evening.

Something that we often find ourselves asking Spoon HQ’s Sarah Canet (herself a closet-Australian) is what is it about the UK that makes it so popular with Australian chefs and restaurateurs? 2014 was certainly a busy year for London-based Australians – we watched Brett Graham break into the top 10 of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards list with his West London restaurant, The Ledbury, as well as witnessing the openings of Spring and a second Granger & Co in London.

This year, Spoon’s Michelin-starred Australian Chef Shaun Hergatt of JUNI, New York, is being flown over to the UK at the beginning of February to appear at Northcote Manor’s Obsession Festival. Shaun will be the 2nd Aussie to appear at the festival, as Brett Graham of the Ledbury will also be cooking.

Shaun’s trademark, classic dish at Juni is his reimagining of Australia’s favourite chocolate bar – The Cherry Ripe. His homage to the Cherry Ripe is made of chocolate, coconut and cherries (as with the chocolate bar) but has the addition of a very grown-up ingredient- foie gras. Here is the dish in all its glory plus a link to a video he made dedicated to the dish.

For those unable to make it up to Lancashire for Obsession or secure a place at the Ledbury, here are some of our favourite places in London for a quick Aussie fix:

– Make your way down to Kopapa for soft-boiled eggs with Vegemite soldiers

– Try Nude on Brick Lane for some Lamingtons

Granger & Co for some of Bill’s Passionfruit Pavlova

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