The Modernist Cuisine App is the world’s ‘Best Digital App’

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Modernist Cuisine at Home on Devices

A huge congratulations to The Cooking Lab team and their partners at Inkling for winning the Gourmand (World Cook Book Awards)  Best Digital app for their Modernist Cuisine at Home App. The award will be officially presented at The Best in the World  Awards which will be taking place in Yantai, China,  June 8-11, 2015.

The Modernist Cuisine at Home App (£59.99) which launched last year, contains 37 technique videos, 416 recipes and 1,683 photos.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, the App is a completely immersive experience. The seamless navigation throughout make it intuitive and exceptionally user friendly. Noteworthy functions include a Yield Converter, which can adapt recipes to how many people you’re feeding, a Shopping List function which adds all ingredients from your chosen recipe to a list with the tap of a button and a Recipe Finder which enables you to find recipes by ingredient and difficultly level.

More information on the App, the Modernist Cuisine trilogy and on Nathan Myhrvold can be seen at

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