My version of Leila Lindholm’s Meatless Meatballs

The cricket world cup final is on and I’m cooking snacks for fans in the house. It’s the last day of Meat Free Week so it made sense to turn to their collection and to Leila Lindholm in particular……Bingo! Meatless Meatballs should do the trick. Ok so it’s raining, I didn’t have chickpeas but butter beans would do and the beetroot I had in the house wasn’t the traditional deep red which she used either……..but would it work?

Meatless Meatball prep1black

Sarah Meatless Meatballs-finished

Thanks Leila …… they’re pale but smell delicious …… it’s time to serve up…………..

Here’s the recipe should you wish to make Leila’s proper version c/o Meat Free Week.

These maybe Swedish but the maker is a closet Aussie and the home team should win by a mile.


MFW - LeilaLindholm1

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