The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle: Where did Massimo Bottura Go?


© Paolo Terzi

Massimo Bottura © Paolo Terzi

Thursday 9 July 2015, Chef Massimo Bottura participated in The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle curated by Andréa Petrini and Alexandra Swenden: an exciting global collaboration of 37 of the world’s most acclaimed chefs who participated in an unprecedented international restaurant ‘swap’. Massimo Bottura stepped into head chef Sean Grey’s shoes at Momofuku Ko in New York while Sean Brock from Husk went to the three Michelin star Osteria Francescana in Modena.

© Gabriele Stabile

Momofuku Ko © Gabriele Stabile

Momofuku Ko is a two Michelin star restaurant which opened in 2008 and serves a set multi-course tasting menu along a kitchen counter. Having flown into New York several days earlier, last night Massimo Bottura presented several classic Osteria Francescana dishes such as his “Crunchy Corner of the Lasagna” but also twisted other iconic dishes for the occasion. “Oops I dropped The Lemon Tart” became “Oops I Broke the Cannolo as an Apple Pie”. Other dishes were exclusive to this event, which concluded with a ‘pizza’.

From top left to bottom right: @bayerpr / @kkrader / @aemcbride / @wyliedufresne

From top left to bottom right: @bayerpr / @kkrader / @aemcbride / @wyliedufresne

Chef Sean Brock, opened one of America’s Best Restaurants ‘Husk’ in 2010 in Charleston. Last night, he flew to Modena to take over Osteria Francescana’s Kitchen.


Update 13/07/2015: Some great pieces have been published in the newspapers following the Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle. Here are two that grabbed our attention at Spoon PR:

Read Sierra Tishgart’s interview of Massimo Bottura in Grub Street

I contaminated New York ingredients with my mind. And for me, it’s so easy to do that.
I can feel New York in my blood
”. – Massimo Bottura

Sierra Tishgart was lucky enough to have dinner at Momofuku Ko when Massimo Bottura took over the kitchen. She also had the occasion to meet him just before the service. Massimo Bottura swore her to keep the secret and then opened up to her, explaining how he felt about opening Osteria Francescana up to Sean Brock, how he felt to into David Chang’s restaurant as a worker rather than a guest, and what went into preparing his menu for this special occasion.

Chef Bottura unveils the menu and speaks with enthusiasm about the history and inspiration for all the dishes. He also talks of his passion for New York, his surprise for Wylie Dufresne and what the Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle was all about for him.

“The meaning of the event is (…) not about me. It’s about us.
It’s about breaking walls.” –
Massimo Bottura

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.32.13

Read Kate Krader’s article in Food & Wine about Massimo Bottura’s Damien Hirst inspired dish

Kate Krader was also dining at Momofuku Ko when Massimo Bottura stepped into Momofuku Ko’s kitchen. One dish in particular grabbed her attention: “Beautiful Sonic Disco of Love and Hate at the Gate of Hell Painting With Wicked Pools of Glorious Color an Psychedelic Spin-Painted Lamb, Not Flame Grilled”. It is based on one of Massimo’s famous dish “Psychedelic Veal” but was re-adapted for the occasion. The genesis of the original veal dish for Osteria Francescana took inspiration from Damien Hirst’s work.

We use color like Damien Hirst in his spin paintings” says Bottura.

And Damien Hirst heard him, explains Kate Krader. He sent Bottura a painting re-titled as his beautiful dish.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.31.07

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