Rye and Raisin added to Bayley & Sage’s collection of exceptional Hedone breads

We are very excited to announce that our very own local Bayley & Sage store in Parsons Green is now stocking two more spectacular breads from the Michelin-star studded Hedone bread ovens: rye and raisin.


Both have been tried and tested here at Spoon HQ and we can confirm that the Hedone loaves, previously proclaimed ‘best bread in Britain’ , are true to the name.

We think that the Hedone raisin makes a perfect breakfast, toasted and topped with a generous swipe of butter. The moist golden raisins add a lovely sweet, chewy energy boost to the bread, which is exactly what we feel like first thing in the morning to get the day off to a good start.


The rye, with its doughy centre and perfectly crunchy-yet-chewy crust, makes for an exquisite lunchtime treat (and even wholly converted the resident rye sceptic here at Spoon).


We’re very glad to know that these baked delicacies are just a stones-throw away from us here at HQ. We are also pleased to announce that Feast, Barnes and Feast, East Sheen are also now stocking Hedone bread, meaning that even more of us will be within reach of Chef Mikael Jonsson’s exceptionally fine loaves.

Click here to read more about Mikael Jonsson’s bread and where to find it.

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