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EKSTEDT’s Fire Burns Bright And Retains Michelin Star.

24 February 2016: Michelin announce their 2016 Nordic Guide and Stockholm’s EKSTEDT retains its one Michelin star for the third year running. A herculean effort for any fine-dining restaurant, let alone a restaurant that cooks its food exclusively through the … Continue reading

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Einstein’s Theory of Relativity On A Plate

Gravitational Waves – Inspire Modernist Chef Myhrvold To Create Spiral Bowl   This month physicists finally succeeded in confirming the existence of Gravitational Waves, 100 years after Albert Einstein predicted them. It signals one of the most remarkable breakthroughs of … Continue reading

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Joan Roca, Ashley Palmer-Watts and Peter Gilmore Extend Their Botanical Research

GLOBAL: On the 29th February 2016, the world’s best chefs visit Northern Thailand, as part of 50 Best Explores, to uncover the gastronomic riches and traditions of Thailand’s world famous cuisine. Travelling to the King of Thailand’s rural and agricultural … Continue reading

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