Einstein’s Theory of Relativity On A Plate

Gravitational Waves – Inspire Modernist Chef Myhrvold To Create Spiral Bowl



This month physicists finally succeeded in confirming the existence of Gravitational Waves, 100 years after Albert Einstein predicted them. It signals one of the most remarkable breakthroughs of our time and the last great confirmation of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Nathan Myhrvold, a physicist himself, studied gravitation and general relativity as a post-doctorate under Stephen Hawkings. Fascinated by science and food, Myhrvold set about creating the Gravitational Wave Bowl – an iconic dual-swirl of black holes colliding at The Cooking Lab at Modernist Cuisine in Seattle in 2014.

The former Chief Technology officer at Microsoft, Myhrvold assembled the team at Modernist Cuisine after attending culinary school and finding a void in the information available about sous vide. It is an interdisciplinary project involving chefs, writers, and scientists. Its approach is to design not just the food but also the dishes on which food is served.

In the spring of 2014, while preparing for the dinner, Myhrvold was inspired to design a soup bowl that captured the spiraling of gravitational waves produced by two colliding black holes, the same phenomenon behind the recent LIGO gravitational wave detection.


A leading authority on cooking techniques from primitive to the most modern, Nathan Myhrvold can also be seen on new food TV series launching on Netflix, “Cooked”, from 19 February 2016. Here he demonstrates dramatically how bread is made of air and drops a loaf into liquid nitrogen to examine the air pockets. He also talks about cheese-making whilst his photography is shown throughout the beautifully shot series. Within the Modernist Cuisine trilogy of books, Myhrvold de-bunks many myths not least the myth that margarine is better for one than butter. This will be good news for those that will like to put butter on their bread in the morning.

For more information on Modernist Cuisine here



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