EKSTEDT’s Fire Burns Bright And Retains Michelin Star.

24 February 2016: Michelin announce their 2016 Nordic Guide and Stockholm’s EKSTEDT retains its one Michelin star for the third year running. A herculean effort for any fine-dining restaurant, let alone a restaurant that cooks its food exclusively through the power of burning wood.

This much-loved Stockholm eatery serves mostly Swedish produce, adapting to whatever’s available at the moment, and cooks in a wood-burning oven, over a fire-pit or smoked through a chimney. No gas or electricity is allowed to heat its ingredients. The cool tasting menu choice is between 4 and 6 courses; Tartar of Smoked Reindeer Heart, Cast Iron Bone Marrow, Butter Milk and Vendace Roe or Cold Smoked Char with Seaweed, Daikon and Coriander.

Open in 2011 by Niklas Ekstedt, and awarded its first one Michelin star in 2013, Ekstedt has pioneered the return to more primitive cooking – over an open fire – and whilst the world’s chefs embrace molecular, modernist or futuristic gastronomy in this return to simplicity he has created one of Stockholm’s – possibly the world’s – most unique, and exciting, restaurants. One thing for sure, Michelin has given a cast iron guarantee that it’s certainly the hottest.
004_Ekstedt - © MathiasNordgren

Special Guest Chef Appearance at EKSTEDT

Mehmet Gürs of Mikla, Istanbul

The 27th and 28th of February head chef and owner of restaurant Mikla in Istanbul will do a guest appearance at Ekstedt. Niklas Ekstedt and Mehmed met during a TV shoot on the show ”Niklas Mat” when Niklas worked for one week at the top restaurant Mikla. Mehmed grew up in both Stockholm and Istanbul and has in his professional life managed to become one of the most famous chefs in Turkey. Mikla and the EKSTEDT team will cook a fixed menu over the open fire which will be inspired by Mehmed’s two home towns; Istanbul and Stockholm. The price for the menu of 4 courses will be 840 SEK.

Menu price: 4 courses for 840 SEK or 6 courses for 1090 SEK

Address: Humlegårdsgatan 17, 114 46 Stockholm

Phone:+46 (0)8 611 12 10

E-mail: info@ekstedt.nu



For more information on EKSTEDT click here

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