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New blaze of creativity at Michelin starred fire pit

Busy and exciting times continue in full swing at EKSTEDT, not least with the arrival of Rod Pérez (previously at Esperanto) who has been recruited by chef-patron Niklas Ekstedt as the restaurant’s new head chef. With experience deeply rooted in … Continue reading

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Ekstedt’s return to the past continues to make it a must visit dining experience.

  ‘Flames, high temperatures and smoke’. That’s how Niklas Ekstedt describes the cooking methods at his Michelin stared Stockholm based restaurant Ekstedt in the German food programme Kitchen Impossible. Exhibited through the time Kitchen Impossible spends at the restaurant is … Continue reading

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The Restaurant Reviews that got Spoon PR HQ Excited this Weekend

Flicking through the food and restaurant review pages of the newspapers, and their assorted accompanying supplements, as I invariably do each weekend, one things struck me in particular: that Scandinavian inspired food is still alive and well, if metamorphosing. Jay … Continue reading

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Sweet Success for Thailand

Swapping Poppies for Agricultural Sustainability. World`s great international chefs travelled to Northern Thailand to pick Chinese chive flowers and cape gooseberries. **** A very short video showing the international chefs in Thailand I hope you enjoy watching this video. It … Continue reading

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