Spatulas at the Ready!

Let the new TV Food Fight begin.

It’s “spatulas at the ready” today as Amazon launched its first ever food programme – Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse whilst at the same time Netflix launched its third Chef’s Table series.

Eat The World with Emeril Legasse

In the Amazon Video exclusive show, Emeril hits the road with his best chef friends to discover popular food movements and local culinary traditions.

At Spoon HQ, we’re especially thrilled to finally be able to watch this new foodie documentary as our client Niklas Ekstedt of Restaurant Ekstedt appears in it.

In episode one of Eat the World, US based Chef Marcus Samuelsson visits his homeland of Sweden to give Emeril a firsthand nibble from the recent food movement which the film makers have named ‘The New Nordic‘. Emeril experiences cooking without electricity with chef Niklas Ekstedt who describes the cuisine he delivers at Ekstedt restaurant as a ‘Game of Thrones style of cooking’. No gas or electricity is used to heat the ingredients for the dishes that Niklas and his team serve in their Michelin starred central Stockholm restaurant. They only use the power that comes from burning wood. Make no mistake, this is not a barbecue place. Ingredients are placed on the embers, hung over the flames, deftly pushed into the wood burning oven, smoked or tended to carefully on the wood burning stove. Ancient cooking techniques are employed to a wonderfully modern effect. His is the antidote to modernist cuisine cooking.

Cast iron, another is also a crucial element in both Game of Thrones times and at Ekstedt.

Spoon HQ has already had two stars in the competing mega teams Amazon v Netflix. The romantic story of Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore of Osteria Francescana in Chef’s Table on Netflix has proved a world wide hit in their first food show.

Who will win the battle Amazon or Netflix?

How to watch

Eat The World with Emeril Legasse: Season 1 comprising six episodes is available now on Amazon Prime. You can watch the first episode for free if you’re not an Amazon Prime user on the Amazon Video App (you just need an Amazon account).

Chefs Table: Sign up to Netflix. They currently have a first month for free offer to tempt you in offer in.

Be careful, these online TV providers are very, very good at hooking you in with their deliciously addictive content.

Where to meet Niklas Ekstedt

London Dates

Meatopia 02/09/2016 & 03/09/2016

Carousel 06/09/2016 – 10/09/2016

His new book – Food from the Fire – his first by a British publisher is coming out on 08/09/2016. Available from Amazon and all good book shops.

Food from the Fire_Pavilion_Haarala_Hamilton_9781910904343.jpg

photograph courtesy of Pavilion Haarala Hamilton

Further watching / reading

Niklas explains his story at TEDx Stockholm

Culinary Institute of America visits Niklas.


Niklas Ekstedt by Sarah Canet


And what about the tug of war between Online or terrestrial? ….

Thank you for reading.

Sarah & Pauline.





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