Modernist Bread: pre-order now

After the huge success of Nathan Myhrvold’s ‘Modernist Cuisine’ and ‘Modernist Cuisine at Home’, at last, his much anticipated ‘Modernist Bread: The Art and Science‘ has had its last prove, has been popped in the oven and is ready to pre-order.

This is the largest-known bread cookbook to date with over 2,300 pages filled with the science and global history of bread making, in addition to traditional and Modernist techniques, ingredients and extensively tested and perfected recipes. Nathan and his photographic team’s exquisite photographs add a vibrancy and visual aid which guide the reader ever more succinctly into achieving the perfect bake. Expect to see every stage of fermentation, proofing, cooking and the final product in extensive detail.

From microbiology and baking to the dispelling of the myth behind gluten intolerance, Nathan and his co-writer and head chef Francisco Migoya leave no stone unturned. The incentive behind the book came from the ubiquity of bread and the fact that it has become a mundane accompaniment, a common staple of the kitchen. Modernist Bread dispels this attitude. This book not only explains how to make the perfect classic loaf, but it also covers breads from around the world, using different flours and flavour combinations. Any reader will learn countless skills and techniques; those which professional bakers have used for years and still use today. These recipes have been tested hundreds of times by Myhrvold and his team to assure that that each and every owner of Modernist Bread can bake perfect bread.

Homebakers, chefs and bread novices alike will see bread in a completely different way after reading ‘Modernist Bread’. This humble staple is on the rise, it’s something to get excited about and soon that comforting smell of freshly home-baked bread will be filling our homes once more.

What do you think about bread these days? Is it something you make at home? Do you have a restaurant with fabulous bread? And what about your shops, do you have a great baker in your neighbourhood?

Spoon HQ would love to hear from you.


Photo credit The Cooking Lab





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