A gracious retirement

Spoon HQ like Spoon PR has recently retired.

On social media SpoonHQ is now known as SarahCanetSauce.

Sarah Canet who was Spoon HQ has taken a leap into the world of work. She is now the new Director International at Sauce Communications.

She is very happy to be contacted via email. Her new electronic address is sarah (@) saucecommunications.com – she will still be looking after Niklas Ekstedt and his Michelin starred fire restaurant Ekstedt in Stockholm, Nathan Mynrvold and his Modernist Cuisine series of books including Modernist Bread which will be launched around the end of May 2017 and Massimo Bottura and his  restaurant in Modena Italy Osteria Francescana. She is also going to be working with the extraordinary Ben Shewry and Attica restaurant in Melbourne.


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1 Response to A gracious retirement

  1. Sounds like you’re going to have a wonderful time. Enjoy!

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