It’s the best bread I’ve had anywhere, full stop.1

Pat Nourse

Brown Sourdough. White Sourdough. Raisin Bread.
Pastries to follow.

Hedone opened in July 2011 in Chiswick, a quiet corner of south-west London. At the time of opening, Chef Mikael Jonsson had neither lived in the UK nor worked in a professional kitchen before. Such were the hurdles which required his attention.

Jonsson believes that going from amateur to professional is a difficult transition to make and success is down to the level of determination. His sourdough bread recipe has taken years to perfect.

Cooked in specialist bread ovens, in the basement underneath Hedone restaurant, Jonsson’s technical skill is evident in a taste of his brown sourdough, proclaimed by UK restaurant critic Fay Maschler to be ‘the best bread in Britain’. A different recipe was used to create the white sourdough, which she declared to be the ‘the second Best bread

Antidote - Brown Sourdough bread by Georgia Glynn Smith 3

© Georgia Glynn Smith

Not only do regular customers appreciate the brown and white breads but other chefs do too. With determination and perseverance, a select number of restaurants in London, most with Michelin stars, have persuaded Jonsson to allow them to serve his bread in their restaurants.

The bread is highly recognisable and when its maker wanted to keep his identity a secret, it exposed him. In 2014 a well-tuned blogger recognised the look and flavour of his unique crust and crumb. It was the clue needed to reveal Jonsson as the food shepherd at Antidote, an intimate wine bar and restaurant off Carnaby Street.

Initially the chef produced every loaf but has recently increased the number of bakers to two and is training more. As Jonsson’s confidence in the team grew, more loaves have been able to be produced. A raisin bread using golden raisins has been added to collection.

Hedone - Homemade sourdough bread © Richard Haughton

© Richard Haughton

Jonsson has also been able to experiment with pastries. Tom Kemble at Bonhams restaurant, worked at Hedone when it first opened. He explored the world and following a decent stint at Faviken in Sweden returned to London. His restaurant is planned to be the first to stock the pastries – sourdough croissants and pain au chocolat – when these are given regular production.

Three breads and two pastries require more space and so in July 2015 Hedone’s private dining room was sacrificed to bread making and was converted to a forming, shaping and fermenting room.

Deliveries, up until now, have been satisfied by a local mini cab company, this is soon to be usurped. The restaurants and the retail shop orders will in future be delivered by Hedone’s own unbranded van.

‘Some of the finest sourdough you’ll find in the city’ 2


The sourdough loaves are now also sold to the public via all three Bayley and Sage stores in West London and on Saturdays at Dynamic Vines in Bermondsey.

You can read more about Hedone here.

Editors Notes
1 Pat Nourse, Gourmet Traveller, September 2014.
http://www.gourmettraveller.com.au/travel/travel-guides/2014/9/londons-best-new-restaurants/2 Michelin 2015 London guide


Antidote (3 breads)
Arbutus (Brown & white sourdough)
Hedone (3 breads & pastries)
Hibiscus (Brown & white sourdough)
Le Chabanais (Brown sourdough)
Texture (3 breads)
Wild Honey (Brown & white sourdough)


Bayley and Sage – Chiswick (formerly Mortimer and Bennett)
Bayley and Sage – Wimbledon
Bayley and Sage – Parsons Green
Dynamic Vines – Bermondsey (Saturdays)

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The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle: Where did Massimo Bottura Go?


© Paolo Terzi

Massimo Bottura © Paolo Terzi

Thursday 9 July 2015, Chef Massimo Bottura participated in The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle curated by Andréa Petrini and Alexandra Swenden: an exciting global collaboration of 37 of the world’s most acclaimed chefs who participated in an unprecedented international restaurant ‘swap’. Massimo Bottura stepped into head chef Sean Grey’s shoes at Momofuku Ko in New York while Sean Brock from Husk went to the three Michelin star Osteria Francescana in Modena.

© Gabriele Stabile

Momofuku Ko © Gabriele Stabile

Momofuku Ko is a two Michelin star restaurant which opened in 2008 and serves a set multi-course tasting menu along a kitchen counter. Having flown into New York several days earlier, last night Massimo Bottura presented several classic Osteria Francescana dishes such as his “Crunchy Corner of the Lasagna” but also twisted other iconic dishes for the occasion. “Oops I dropped The Lemon Tart” became “Oops I Broke the Cannolo as an Apple Pie”. Other dishes were exclusive to this event, which concluded with a ‘pizza’.

From top left to bottom right: @bayerpr / @kkrader / @aemcbride / @wyliedufresne

From top left to bottom right: @bayerpr / @kkrader / @aemcbride / @wyliedufresne

Chef Sean Brock, opened one of America’s Best Restaurants ‘Husk’ in 2010 in Charleston. Last night, he flew to Modena to take over Osteria Francescana’s Kitchen.


Update 13/07/2015: Some great pieces have been published in the newspapers following the Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle. Here are two that grabbed our attention at Spoon PR:

Read Sierra Tishgart’s interview of Massimo Bottura in Grub Street

I contaminated New York ingredients with my mind. And for me, it’s so easy to do that.
I can feel New York in my blood
”. – Massimo Bottura

Sierra Tishgart was lucky enough to have dinner at Momofuku Ko when Massimo Bottura took over the kitchen. She also had the occasion to meet him just before the service. Massimo Bottura swore her to keep the secret and then opened up to her, explaining how he felt about opening Osteria Francescana up to Sean Brock, how he felt to into David Chang’s restaurant as a worker rather than a guest, and what went into preparing his menu for this special occasion.

Chef Bottura unveils the menu and speaks with enthusiasm about the history and inspiration for all the dishes. He also talks of his passion for New York, his surprise for Wylie Dufresne and what the Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle was all about for him.

“The meaning of the event is (…) not about me. It’s about us.
It’s about breaking walls.” –
Massimo Bottura

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.32.13

Read Kate Krader’s article in Food & Wine about Massimo Bottura’s Damien Hirst inspired dish

Kate Krader was also dining at Momofuku Ko when Massimo Bottura stepped into Momofuku Ko’s kitchen. One dish in particular grabbed her attention: “Beautiful Sonic Disco of Love and Hate at the Gate of Hell Painting With Wicked Pools of Glorious Color an Psychedelic Spin-Painted Lamb, Not Flame Grilled”. It is based on one of Massimo’s famous dish “Psychedelic Veal” but was re-adapted for the occasion. The genesis of the original veal dish for Osteria Francescana took inspiration from Damien Hirst’s work.

We use color like Damien Hirst in his spin paintings” says Bottura.

And Damien Hirst heard him, explains Kate Krader. He sent Bottura a painting re-titled as his beautiful dish.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.31.07

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UK rides tide of Scandimania

Gripped by Scandimania? Are you ready for the Scandis coming to the UK for Midsummer this weekend? Leila Lindholm will be cooking live with James Martin on Saturday 20th June for BBC’s fabulous Saturday Kitchen show . Meanwhile Niklas Ekstedt will be spreading the Scandi love at the UK’s first ever Scandinavian Midsummer Feast at Harptree Court. More details below.

UK Scandimania







For more details on Leila Lindholm please click here: https://spoonhq.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/leila-lindholm-opens-fifth-retail-store/

For more details on Niklas Ekstedt and the Scandinavian Food Feast please see here

At time of writing tickets were still available. Please see here:  http://www.scandifeast.co.uk/buy-tickets/

If you would like to get in touch with me about either of these fabulous Swedish stars please call Sarah Canet on +44 7780 911630

Other useful links – if you might see lots of Swedish on their social media site don’t let it put you off. Both speak great English :

Leila Lindholm

Website: http://www.leila.se/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/leilalindholm/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leilalindholm

Niklas Ekstedt

Ekstedt Restaurant website: http://ekstedt.nu

Instagram: https://instagram.com/niklasekstedt/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NiklasEkstedt

Leila + Niklas medium















Photographer credits:

Leila Lindholm – Wolfgang Kleinschmidth

Niklas Ekstedt – Helén Pe

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The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2015 & more…..

modena massimom bottura la francescana

Modena Massimom Bottura Osteria Francescana

“Be like a tree: grow slowly”

Massimo Bottura 

Osteria Francescana rises to 2nd position in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants ranking 2015.

Italy’s highest ranked restaurant for 7th consecutive year

At The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards ceremony held at London’s Guildhall on Monday 1 April, Chef Massimo Bottura’s intimate and innovative Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy secured a spot in the top 5 for the 4th year running.

Chef Bottura and his team were delighted with this year’s placing which recognises both the level of dedication, passion and creativity at Osteria Francescana and the appreciation of their cuisine by chefs and critics across the globe. Osteria Francescana has now been the highest ranked Italian restaurant for the past 7 years, cementing Bottura’s position as the leading figure of current Italian chefs.

Since opening in 1995, Osteria Francescana has been no stranger to awards. It gained its first Michelin star in 2002, a second four years later and a third in 2011. The restaurant entered The World’s 50 Best Restaurants as the ‘highest climber’ in 2009, going straight in at #13. 2010 saw it leap 7 places to a position inside the top 10 and 2011 saw it climb further into the top 5, where it has remained since.

“Number 2 is confirmation that we’ve never cooked better nor had a more incredible team than we have today. We hope more and more people will venture to Modena: land of fast cars and slow food. There are centuries of flavour to discover.”

Massimo Bottura 

2015 promises to be a challenging year. Refettorio Ambrosiano – Food for Soul – an off site Expo project in Milan is a contemporary soup kitchen created in collaboration with the Vatican and Caritas to address the emotive issue of food wastage and hunger in our inner cities. Many of Bottura’s collegues from Italy and abroad will be joining him during the next 5 months to cook for the city’s needy and share innovative recipes for reducing waste in the kitchen.

An important filming project – Chef’s Table – was released this year. Netflix’s first docu-series featured 6 films profiling 6 different chef characters. Director David Gelb’s romantic Massimo Bottura story, which opened the series, was picked for the Berlin film festival’s official selection and from its general release in April continued to prove a resounding success.

To much critical acclaim, Massimo Bottura’s first English language book Never Trust A Skinny Italian Chef was published by Phaidon in English, Italian and Dutch in the fall of 2014 and extended to French and Spanish editions as well in spring 2015.

“2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Osteria Francescana. Who would have ever thought the journey would be so full of adventure!”   

Massimo Bottura 


Osteria Francescana and Bottura’s offshoot brasserie, Franceschetta58, are both situated in his hometown of Modena, in the culinary-rich region of EmiliaRomagna. Meanwhile, adventures continue overseas with Ristorante Italia di Massimo Bottura in Istanbul.

In a former osteria, transformed into a Mecca of contemporary culture, Osteria Francescana’s plates are adorned with references to experimental art, peppered with social, political and historical implications and laced with a healthy sense of humour.

A piece of work by Gino de Dominicis struck a particular cord with Bottura for at Osteria Francescana – tradition is seen from ten kilometres away. Italy’s exceptional ingredients and classic dishes are re-evaluated with the benefit of critical distance, ensuring that the Italian Kitchen is free to evolve. Bottura is dedicated to reconstructing Italy’s cultural heritage- not deconstructing it. This intelligent evolution of Italian traditions can be seen in plates such as “Come to Italy with Me” and “Compression of Pasta and Beans” where the rules have been bent and come full circle, constantly reminding diners of Italy’s rich gastronomic heritage. “Risotto Cacio e Pepe”, for example, is a meditation on tradition created as a direct response to the May 2012 earthquakes in Emilia which damaged nearly 400,000 forms of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Guests are able to choose from the à la carte menu or from the restaurant’s two tasting menus: the Tradition in Evolution menu pays tribute to Italian ingredients, traditions and terroir while the longer Sensations menu includes seasonal expressions from the experimental kitchen.

Osteria Francescana, Via Stella, 22, 41121 Modena, Italy.

Reservations: http://www.osteriafrancescana.it/reservations/

Press Contact: Sarah Canet, Spoon PR

Telephone: +44 207 610 9821 or +44 7780911630

Email: sarah@spoon-pr.com

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Osteria Francescana at Sotheby’s London

“The Jimi Hendrix of Italian Chefs”*

Massimo Bottura to bring Osteria Francescana, his three-Michelin star restaurant in Modena, Italy to the Contemporary Art Galleries of Sotheby’s London
27th, 28th and 29th June 2015

“Cooking is about not only the quality of ingredients, but also the quality of the ideas”
Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura © Paolo Terzi

London, 2 June 2015 – One of the world’s most creative culinary forces, Massimo Bottura, will bring his celebrated three Michelin-starred restaurant, Osteria Francescana, from the medieval Italian city of Modena to the contemporary art galleries of Sotheby’s London auction house this summer.


Transporting the conceptual premises of contemporary art into the kitchen, Massimo Bottura is a leading figure amongst a new generation of Italian chefs. Juxtaposing tradition and innovation with art and design, Bottura draws inspiration from a myriad of avant-garde contemporary artists – an approach that has won him the number two place on list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.


The restaurant will open its doors at Sotheby’s in London for three days on the evenings of 27th, 28th and 29th June 2015, with a seven-course tasting menu carefully selected to provoke a dialogue between food and art.


Dishes on offer include the Damien Hirst-inspired ‘Beautiful Psychedelic Spin-painted veal, not flame grilled’ – a beef fillet, first marinated in milk, and then served with tri colour sauces purposefully spun like the artist’s spin-paintings. The sixth course, ‘Oops! I Dropped the Lemon Tart’ pays homage to Ai Weiwei’s radical work Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn (1995). The final course, ‘Camouflage: Hare in the Woods’ is inspired by Pablo Picasso who saw Cubism in a painted military truck.


Housed within the art galleries of the auction house, the restaurant will be hung with contemporary artworks by many of the artists who have influenced Bottura’s conceptual approach to cooking: Lucio Fontana, Damien Hirst, Maurizio Cattelan, Gerhard Richter. Spanning over 50 years of artistic production, the works will all be included in Sotheby’s upcoming auctions of Contemporary Art on 1st and 2nd July.


Strictly by reservation only

Seven course tasting menu including a welcome aperitif: £250.

A wine pairing will be available at £95.


For bookings

Visit: www.sothebys.com/of

Or email: ofpopup@sothebys.com

Sotheby’s, 34-35 New Bond Street, London, W1A 2AA



Massimo Bottura and Osteria Francescana


Osteria Francescana had long attracted artists, critics and collectors alike before Bottura took on ownership in 1995. Located next to numerous artist’s studios and galleries in Modena in northern Italy, the restaurant has been the centre of non-stop traffic from galleries all over the world for many years. In Massimo’s words, ‘We fed them and they fed us, and the exchange brought unlimited energy and stimulus to the restaurant…“In time the art found its way into the kitchen, and before we knew it art became our landscape of ideas, firing our palates and our recipes with imagination…it became a reference point for a kitchen that was determined to move forward, beyond tradition, beyond our horizons” (extract from Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef (Phiadon, 2014)


First introduced to contemporary art by his wife Lara, Bottura is a passionate collector counting works by Cindy Sherman, George Condo, Ai Wei Wei, Francesco Vezzoli, Alberto Boetti among his collection today. Gavin Turk’s bronze ‘bin bag’ takes pride of place in Osteria Francescana, as do Maurizio Cattelan’s Tourists – taxidermy pigeons acquired by Bottura at the Venice Biennale in 1997.



For more information on Bottura’s book Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef published by Phaidon, please click here or watch the video here.


Between May and October this year Bottura is taking lead role in the Milan EXPO ‘Food for Soul’ project. For more information please click here.


* “Massimo Bottura is the Jimi Hendrix of Italian chefs… He takes familiar dishes and classical flavors and techniques and turns them on their heads in a way that is innovative, boundary breaking, sky kissing, and entirely whimsical, but ultimately timeless, and most importantly, deliciously satisfying”.

– Mario Batali




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Master of MasterChefs: Massimo Bottura

MasterC Oz contestants MC7_Ep_04_1444

Today Australians who watched Channel Ten were able to witness a Master of Masterchefs set the first team challenge for the new intake of contestants. If you’re in Oz you can watch it here.

Hot news for Italians from MasterChef Australia host Matt Preston – the show will be broadcast in Italy – date TBC.


Massimo Bottura is the chef-patron of the Best Restaurant in Italy Osteria Francescana in Modena – 3 Michelin stars and number 3 ranking on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants listing.

For more about Massimo Bottura, the man and his projects, click here.

This Master of Masterchefs is on screen again via NETFLIX where their first doc-series – Chef’s Table – is now available

MasterChef Oz massimo-last-quote2

Enjoy your viewing, your eating and your mistakes!


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Leila Lindholm opens fifth retail store ……

On 6 May 2015 Leila Lindholm will open her fifth physical Leila’s General Store. This fun and quirky store will see its doors open in Täby Centrum, approximately 15 km north of Stockholm. If you can’t drop everything and fly to Sweden take a look at the original online store here.


Leila Lindholm - 1 ©Wolfgang Kleinschmidth copy

Scandinavian lifestyle icon Leila Lindholm has had an impressive, all-encompassing career. After starting out in restaurant kitchens, she has since written and published multiple books on the subjects of interior design and cookery, and has 8 TV shows to her name. She has also found the time to start her own retail brand and along the way became a mother of two.

For as long as she can remember, Leila has had a love of good food. Her happiest childhood memories involve food; helping her grandfather empty the crayfish cages early on an August morning or having family barbeques on the picturesque Stockholm archipelago, where she grew up. Part of a food-loving family who relished cooking and eating out, she began experimenting with recipes at a young age. By 7 years old, she was baking and sharing recipes with her grandmother and neighbour, ‘Aunt’ Elsa.

As she got older, it became clear that a career in food was what she desired and so she began a three year course at St Görans Restaurant School in Stockholm. Work in Stockholm’s kitchens followed, before at 21, her ambition and sense of adventure got the better of her and she left the Swedish capital for New York, where she worked in the kitchen at Aquavit for two years. On her return, her state side experience led her to positions in Stockholm industry institutions Operakällaren, Fredsgatan 12 and Restaurangen. In 1999, The LRF (Federation of Swedish Farmers) proclaimed her Female Chef of the Year.

A continued interest in both food and interiors saw Leila set up her own styling business, working on magazine articles and commercials. Her energy and enthusiasm mounted and media interest in Leila followed. It was not long before she made her first TV appearance in 2004 on TV4’s morning news show, Nyhetsmorgon.

She was an instant hit, winning TV4’s 2004 TV Chef of the Year award, voted for by viewers, fending off competition from more established chefs with much high profiles. Her first TV series “Leila’s Food’ aired in 2005, with a follow up series in 2006. Since then 7 further programmes have been made, several with more than one series. These are: Leila’s Baking Show, Leila’s Food, Leila’s Christmas, Leila in the Country, Leila’s Home Delivery, Leila’s Holidays, Leila bakes in France and Leila’s Sweet Christmas. As well as broadcasts from her native Sweden, Leila’s TV work has appeared on channels in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Belgium.

Her shows combined with the release of several books have made Leila a household name. To date, she has published six cookery titles and one interior title: Leila’s middagstips, Leila’s guldkant på vardagen, A Piece of Cake, One More Slice, Hello Cupcake and Welcome Home. Her titles have been published in the UK, in numerous European countries, in the US and in Australasia. Her fourth book, One More Slice was published by Walter and Books, the company she founded with her life partner. The demand for her words has also sparked a bilingual Swedish English blog, which has a loyal following. In 2009, her work was also recognised by the Swedish Gastronomic Academy. Leila was awarded with a silver medal for her extraordinary efforts in the field of gastronomic culture in Sweden. This medal was presented to her by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

A powerhouse work ethic meant she didn’t stop there. In 2012, Leila launched a business idea that she had been working on for much of the past decade, an online shop and lifestyle brand, selling goods for the home, Leila’s General Store. It was not a modest launch, the cyber store opened with 500 lines, some of which were designed by Leila herself. Its instant popularity crashed the site in its first day of trading, happily quickly rectified. In April 2014, the shop graduated to a retail space in the high-end shopping centre, MOOD in Stockholm’s main retail district. By the end of the year, Leila’s General Store opened two more premises in Sweden, one in Leila’s hometown of Mariefred and another in the town of Strängnäs, west of Stockholm. In 2015 she has barely stopped for breath. She opened store number 4 in Gothenburg and has now added a 5th in the beautiful Täby Centrum mall, the 2015 NCSC awarded “Best Nordic Shopping Centre”.

When Leila became a mother and as her children developed, her new role lead her to think much more carefully about what she was eating and how she was feeding her these precious two people, particularly as both Olivia and Walter suffer from food allergies. It was a challenge which this inventive for chef relished and one of the results was Leila’s newest cookbook which she completed with esteemed British photographer David Loftus. FRESH FOODIE was released in Sweden in April 2015. It focuses on “clean eating” and is utterly beautiful. We dearly hope it will be published in English soon. Watch this space for news.

Leila lives in Mariefred, a small town 45 minutes drive south-west of Stockholm. Her keen eye for design can be seen throughout her home. They spend their summers boating on the lake outside their house, picking mushrooms in the countryside and throwing dinner parties for all of their friends.

Visit Leila’s English website here

Follow Leila on her popular Instagram account: @leilalindholm

Like Leila on Facebook (frequently in English as well as Swedish): https://sv-se.facebook.com/leilalindholm

Follow Leila on Twitter(predominately Swedish language): @leilalindholm

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Master Chefs ….. Niklas Ekstedt and Massimo Bottura

Niklas Ekstedt © Simon Bajada

Last night Niklas Ekstedt, owner & chef of Stockholm’s Restaurant Ekstedt, welcomed the finalists of the UK’s massively popular Masterchef into his Michelin star fire fuelled restaurant. The contestants and viewers saw how using the most primitive of cooking techniques incredibly refined dishes can be produced. If you missed it the show is currently available (in the UK) via iPlayer.

For more about Ekstedt, the man and the restaurant, click here.

For Ekstedt’s own website and menus, click here

There are two great opportunities to catch Niklas Ekstedt in the UK this year. The first Scandinavian Midsummer Feast will take place over 20 – 21 June and Niklas will also be appearing live at the Wilderness festival in August.
Massimo Bottura © Paolo Terzi


The other Master chef on MASTERCHEF is going to be Massimo Bottura the chef-patron of the Best Restaurant in Italy Osteria Francescana in Modena – 3 Michelin stars and number 3 ranking on The World’s Best Restaurant listing.

For more about Massimo Bottura, the man and his projects, click here.

This Master of Masterchefs will be in the UK in June but on screen again via NETFLIX where the first doc-series – Chef’s Table – will be available from 26 April.

Enjoy your viewing and your eating.





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My version of Leila Lindholm’s Meatless Meatballs

The cricket world cup final is on and I’m cooking snacks for fans in the house. It’s the last day of Meat Free Week so it made sense to turn to their collection and to Leila Lindholm in particular……Bingo! Meatless Meatballs should do the trick. Ok so it’s raining, I didn’t have chickpeas but butter beans would do and the beetroot I had in the house wasn’t the traditional deep red which she used either……..but would it work?

Meatless Meatball prep1black

Sarah Meatless Meatballs-finished

Thanks Leila …… they’re pale but smell delicious …… it’s time to serve up…………..

Here’s the recipe should you wish to make Leila’s proper version c/o Meat Free Week.

These maybe Swedish but the maker is a closet Aussie and the home team should win by a mile.


MFW - LeilaLindholm1

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Niklas Ekstedt to light up Britain’s Wilderness Festival

Niklas Ekstedt is coming back again to the UK in early August 2015. The first international chef to have been brought into the Wilderness fold, he will brightly burn the carefully prepared wood and not the beautiful trees that surround him. Contemporary Michelin star awarded food will astound all that feast at Ekstedt in Wilderness.

For more about Ekstedt, the man and the restaurant, click here.

For Ekstedt’s own website and menus, click here.


The official announcement from Taste PR:



From Michelin-starred chefs and top restaurants to exciting street food and a cookery school in the fields

Wilderness August 6th – 9th 2015

Wilderness has been leading the pack since 2011 when it comes to food at festivals. The 2015 line-up boasts its best ever, with a thoughtfully curated selection of exceptional chefs and dining events; an essential event for any food lover to experience. With Bjork headlining in the musical arena, an abundance of Michelin-starred chefs top the bill around the festival – from Long Table Banquets under the stars, the intimate Chef’s Table, feasts or innovative street food, there is something for everybody to enjoy.

The Chef’s Table: This intimate and most talked about festival food experience returns, bringing with it a different celebrated chef each day to serve their own tasting menu of six dishes or more. New for 2015, Nuno Mendes will be offering the finest in field dining with a Portuguese menu and Neil Borthwick of Merchants Tavern brings a menu of seasonal British charm to the magical canopied restaurant in a field. Scott Hallwsorth of Kurobuta returns to showcase a contemporary Japanese menu as well as James Knappett of Kitchen Table fame.

“Being able to cook so close to nature at Wilderness 2014 was absolutely inspiring. We are really looking forward to coming back again this year and reconnecting with the surroundings with a whole new menu.” – James Knappett, Kitchen Table

Wilderness Long Table Banquets: These splendid banquets have proven to be one of the most popular attractions on the Wilderness line-up. Feasting with friends and rubbing shoulders with strangers in the beautifully decorated banqueting tent is an unforgettable experience. Angela Hartnett, Chef Patron of Murano, is one of the big-name chefs welcomed back to the Wilderness kitchen to host one of the three days of delicious banquets. Wilderness has also invited Niklas Ekstedt an internationally renowned chef with a CV that includes The Fat Duck, El Bulli and now his Stockholm restaurant Ekstedt. In keeping with his restaurant concept and the Wilderness spirit, he will only be cooking over an open fire. Niklas is the first overseas chef to join the festival, and reflects the top quality, international approach of the programme curation.

“I cannot wait to see what this adventure will deliver. You can find me climbing through the English countryside and peering through the trees at the wonders that unfold. It will be a world away from my fire-enraptured Stockholm restaurant but close to my roots, embracing my love of the outdoors. I’m told that I will be the first chef from outside the UK to ever have been invited to Wilderness, how radical is that!”

  • Niklas Ekstedt, Chef and Owner at Ekstedt

“The Banquets at Wilderness are a real highlight of my summer. I will be cooking a rustic Italian feast served on big platters for everyone to share. The atmosphere is really special .. friends and strangers and raucous delicious fun.”

Angela Hartnett, Chef Patron at Murano

Feast in field restaurants: Revellers can feast with top restaurant chefs in one of the field restaurants on offer.

  • Away from the hubbub of Exmouth Street Market, Sam and Sam Clark will be bringing some Moro magic in the form of a stunning Bedouin souk tent – dishing out a fusion of African, Spanish and Middle Eastern Cuisine alongside a delicious sherry pairing menu.
  • The internationally prized garden and critically acclaimed restaurant, Petersham Nurseries will slip into the green countryside setting comfortably, serving up stunning seasonal dishes with edible flower flourishes.
  • Finally, celebrated chef, restaurateur and food writer, Mark Hix returns to Wilderness to serve up British fayre alongside his infamous cocktails.

The Wilderness Cookery School with Daylesford: Nourish your soul with cookery classes and food to make you happy at The Wilderness Cookery School in collaboration with Daylesford. The team will be on hand to showcase recipes in the cookery sessions and entertain with talks and masterclasses: everything from artisan bread making, cooking the perfect steak, a contemporary Japanese masterclass, foraging tours, a mindful eating workshop and curing techniques.

The Dining Room: New for 2015, The Dining Room will bring together yet more exciting restaurants for festivalgoers to feast from. The full Dining Room line-up will be announced later in April.


Notes to Editors

For more information on the food line up at Wilderness Festival 2015 and high res images please contact TEAM TASTE on 0207 242 2844 or gretak@taste-pr.com or megan@taste-pr.com


If you can’t make it to Wilderness there are other opportunities to catch Niklas Ekstedt in the UK this year. The Scandinavian Midsummer Feast will take place over 20 – 21 June.

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